joi, 12 martie 2009

My world

in memory of Jim Morrison

This is my world,
O, this word of mine,
Love is the word of the day,
Don’t go away baby
Come to me

Give me a light
To light my cigar,
Love me to death
As the death loves me
And follow me into my world.

Come on give me your flower
And I’ll give you mine,
I’ll give you my black rose
My dead rose of life.

Take my hand,
Join me in my world,
Eternity in a day,
Love in a glass
Just say yes.

O, come to my world baby,
Come on take your chance,
If you won’t survive
I’ll send you back

Just try my world,
O, ain’t it great!
Whisky on the rocks
And bloody Mary,
Drugs as you wish,
Just clap your hands.

This is my world,
O, this world of mine. . .

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